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How the group is working to improve behaviour.

Behaviour is an important factor when young people attend any setting, At the 12th we take inappropriate behaviour very seriously, it can affect not only our young members experience, but that of our volunteers too. Please look at our groups behaviour policy to understand more.

Our aim is to tackle behaviour in a way that helps our young members understand where something might not be right, we also aim to give the section volunteer teams the support and resources needed, which could include asking for parents to attend on a one-to-one basis for a time until the team and parent/carer understands any concerns.

To support and record incidents and near misses we now have a reporting system (like many Schools) which is available for all to use (parents and carers included). It may be that you are supporting during a meeting (as part of the parent rota), dropping off/waiting to pick up, or out on a trip, and you witness something which you feel we should know about, please complete the form that can be found on our website. Not every submission leads to an investigation, it’s simply a way to capture concerns from all supporters of the group. This in turn helps us build a picture of where things may need our extra attention and who might need extra help.

How can you support?
Each section will have a parent rota, this support is vital to a successful programme. It is key that you are aware of when you are on the parent rota, if you are unable to help out, don’t worry, we can always make arrangements to switch to a different evening, make appropriate adjustments, or even help out in other ways (carry out a small task from home to assist our leaders for instance!).

It maybe you will be invited to a “parent/carer conversation” this is where you would meet with some of our volunteer team to help all understand any additional needs the young member may have. Don’t worry, this is not an interview, it’s simply a way for everyone to understand the needs a young member may have, and then ensure they enjoy their participation to the full.

Key Points.

  • As mentioned above, when you are helping on an evening/event you are able and encouraged to report any issues you may notice.
  • Support from parents and carers on occasional nights is vital to the success of the sections, parents will always be supervised by the Section Volunteer Team. Helping will allow many activities throughout the night adding to the enjoyment of our young members.
  • Report anything you might have a concern about using our form.
  • join the Section Volunteer Teams and share in the adventure and satisfaction of enabling young people to gain #SkillsForLife.

Our aim is for the 12th Aylesbury to be an inclusive and welcoming fun group for everyone. We look forward for your support on this matter.


Save the date! 14th May - 12th Aylesbury scouts AGM and raffle!
A Scout Group is required to hold the Annual General Meeting within 6 months of the end of the financial year. All parents, members, supporters, friends and family are invited.
This is where we nominate our trustee board, which is a team of volunteers who work together, as charity trustees, to make sure Scouts is run safely and legally. At the heart of their role is a focus on strategy, performance and assurance. Effective Trustee Board governance helps our volunteers deliver fantastic programmes that give young people skills for life.

Please join us in celebrating everything we have done in the past year and consider supporting us in the year to come in any way you can.


The Shop has been released with the following items:

  • Social Kit - Our optional kit to have on camps or out and about - Help promote the group!
  • Second Hand Uniform - Washed items, in good condition can be donated to raise funds for the group, please pass to a leader to be added to the available kit
  • Replacement Uniform - Currently scarves and along with woggles for Scouts & Leaders.
Many more items such as Beaver & Cub woggles and more kit to be added soon! The store can be found in the top right of the website (A shopping trolley) or click HERE

Parent /Carer Rota

Remember all our leaders are volunteers. So a adult/parent/carer rota is needed to cover for times when leaders need help or can't make a meeting. Parents or careers sign up to help on the occasional session, taking turns to give something back to the group. Its also a great way to engage potential volunteers. Helpers can be parents, carers, aunts, uncles, or grandparents etc. Lots of people are happy to help occasionally if they don’t have to make a big commitment...

The importance of the Rota can not be stressed enough, we are all busy, we know! But we do ask for all families to try to support the young people in some way on the meeting nights, as regularly as they can, and who knows, if you enjoy it, we can talk about furthering your support should you wish.
The key thing to remember is, as mentioned, all the section team members running and organising the sessions are volunteers, with jobs and families too, and from time to time these will clash and take priority over volunteering which could mean that a section needs to cancel a meeting night.
If they are asking for help please take a look to on OSM, but also often ask, as something might have changed.
It could be that an extra pair of hands allows the volunteer team to organise events such as camps or discuss their future program, whilst willing adult volunteers run a game or activity which has all been pre planned for them.
Extra helpers could make the difference needed to ensure a particular activity takes place on a meeting night, or even a camp or trip going ahead.

So sign up now, you never know where it could take you!

OSM Payments

You Asked – We Did!!

To Support making payments easier for the parents, we have enabled a payment system within OSM, its all managed by "GoCardless", so once each section has been set up fully, the next event that they plan, the system should be available to be used.

It will invite you to set up a direct debit, which will allow you to control your payments by confirmation when requested. Rest assured, this is a safe, secure online payment system, and no details are shared with us, OSM or the Scout Association.

Find more about OSM on our help pages