12th Aylesbury

Aylesbury DistrictBucks County

Starting in January 2016 steps were taken to recognise the sections as their own independent group and from the hard work from the District we were able to officially parade on St George's Day in our own colours and come mid-April were able to call ourselves 12th Aylesbury (1st Buckingham Park).
We Started with 2 Beaver leaders and 3 willing parents to start their journey as Cub Leaders and over the year both sections continued to grow in all respect with a 3rd Beaver leader agreeing to join the ranks and starting to look for Scout leaders for the end of 2017.
We are lucky with the support we have from external links, our trustees to agree with the Aylesbury district after 5 years to support the new area of Kingsbrook in Aylesbury, which plans were put in place to launch all section in 2022.
Teamwork is the key element and many adults who get involved in a supporting role, find that it is not just the children who get something out of Scouting, they also find rewards that they didn't expect.
We are always looking for help from skills as a treasurer or a level head to sit on the trustee board to a volunteer for the sections or adults willing to help on camps and competitions. So please get in contact if you feel you can help or would like to know more.
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