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Cubs (Age 8yrs - 10½yrs)


The Cub Scout Promise

There are a number of variations of the Cub Scout Promise to reflect the range of faiths, beliefs and attitudes, and nationalities, in the UK within Scouting.
(Which Can be found here).

I promise that I will do my best to do my duty to God
and to the King,
to help other people
and to keep the Cub Scout Law.

The Cub Scout Law:

Cub Scouts always do their best
Think of others before themselves
And do a good turn every day.

‘The best part of Scouting is definitely the camps. I love every activity we do apart from swimming. They told us the pool was 24 degrees centigrade. Minus 24 more like!’

For Cubs, excitement and adventure are key. Their programme offers a huge variety of activities surrounding areas of fitness, global and beliefs; whilst allowing them to be creative and get involved in their local communities. Cubs are introduced to exciting outdoor skills and take part in adventurous activities, as well as camps and residential experiences.

The Cub Pack is the second section of the Scout Group following on from Beavers. Cub Scouts are young people aged between 8 and 10 ½.

There is core flexibility in the age range: young people can join from age 7½ and can move to Scouts between age 10 and 11. It may sometimes be appropriate to extend this flexibility for young people with additional needs. For further information, see our guidance on age range flexibility.


A Cub Pack is usually organised into small groups called Sixes, each headed up by an older Cub called a Sixer, and often with a Seconder as well. Sixes can be used in a number of ways to facilitate the organisation of the Cub Scout Pack. They may provide a ‘home’ area for Cub Scouts to gather at points at the start, during or at the end of the Pack meeting.


During their time in the Pack, Cub Scouts will get a chance to try a wide range of different activities as well as going on trips, days out, and on camps. Participation and personal development, rather than meeting set standards, is the key approach, and there are a range of badges and challenge awards that Cub Scouts can gain to recognise their achievements.

Further information about badges and awards for the Cub section can be found below

Cristina De Sousa
Akela - Cristina De Sousa
Team Leader - Cubs (2022 - Present)

My scouting life started at the age of 6 in Portugal where I’ve been through all the sessions and finally became a leader. As a leader, although I worked across all age groups, I was mainly with the explorers (14-18).
Life became too busy working shifts as a paediatric nurse, having a family and living far from the group and with great sadness I ended up leaving the Scouts movement.
For some years now my children have been in scouting. I guess the challenge of a new group made me jump in again.
I was fortunate to be part of this big family once and for all the opportunities I was given and I look forward to start again and provide the same good experiences and knowledge to the young children of our community.

Michael Cooper
Baloo - Michael Cooper
Team Member - Cubs (2022 - Present)

I was born in Middlesbrough in the North East of England and brought up in a small town called Guisborough on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. As a young lad I joined the beavers and progressed through to Scouts. With a passion for the great out doors and having the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors and local forests as a back garden my thirst for adventure blossomed. As well as Scouts I also joined the Army Cadets as I saw this as an opportunity for more adventure. Many camping trips and camps away with the Scouts and Army Cadets gave me vast skills in living outdoors. I also enjoyed outdoor activities such as climbing, hill walking, swimming, running and kayaking. Growing up in a small North Yorkshire town was fun but hard as my parents didn’t have much. I quickly realised I had to go out and earn money for myself, so I had 3 paper rounds so I could buy CD’s from the local music store as music is another passion of mine.
After school I went off to college to study Biology and Sports Science but quickly realised all I wanted to do was join the Military. After completing my first year of college the urge to join up got to great so off I went to the Middlesbrough, Armed Forces Careers Office. I don’t know why but I ended up in the queue for the Royal Air Force (RAF) and after passing initial interview I ended up been booked in for all the tests I had to complete before joining up. Flying through all the tests; it only seemed like weeks after I was on a train from Darlington down to Wendover (via London) to complete my Phase 1 and 2 training at RAF Halton.
Fast forward 20 years, I have completed numerous Operational tours around the World and been on many exercise and adventurous training in the Falkland Islands, Europe and UK. I have completed skiing qualifications, caving and climbing experience all whilst serving in the RAF. I have had postings to many areas of the UK including Search and Rescue, Mountain Rescue at RAF Leeming and supporting the SAR helicopters at RAF Leconfield (near Hull). More recently I worked at RAF Halton teaching both my trade (Logistics) to newly graduated recruits and phase 3 specialist training for Dangerous Goods and management checks. Whilst at Halton I gathered a plethora of teaching qualifications and experience whilst also managing STEM events for local schools in the area.
Now that I am settled in Aylesbury and coming to the end of my RAF career I thought it would be good time to get back into Scouting, so I can help in the local community and encourage the youth of today to get out and about. I feel with my life experiences and teaching skills I can bring a lot to the 12th Aylesbury Scout Group.

Josh Hall
Bagheera - Josh Hall
Team Member - Cubs (2022- Present)

Kris Nycz
Kaa - Kris Nycz
Team Member - Cubs (2023- Present)

Agata Witek-Nycz
Chil - Agata Witek-Nycz
Team Member - Cubs (2023- Present)