Bucks County

12th Aylesbury (1st Buckingham Park)



Cartoon Group

We are a small Scout Group part of Buckinghamshire who are proud of what we do for the Buckingahm Park and Watermead community in Aylesbury and hopefuly the group will grow over the years in line with the develoment around Aylesbury. Scountng in Aylesbury has always been increasing and this goes to show by becoming our our group recognised in easter 2016 as 12th Aylesbury (1st Buckingham Park), after several years being linked to the 9th Aylesbury.

Teamwork is the key element and many adults who get involved in a supporting role, find that it's not just the children who get something out of Scouting, they also find rewards that they didn't expect.

We are always looking for help from skills as a treasurer or a level head to sit on the exec to a leader or adults willing to help on camps and competitons. So please get in contact if you feel you can help or would like to know more.

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