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Executive Comittee

The Executive are the poor souls that no-one in the sections seems to know much about, and that's as it should be, but they run all the mundane and sometimes not so mundane functions of the group setting diary dates discussing the incoming policies of the scout movement running the finances and maintenance schedule and reporting to the parents, members and helpers at the AGM.

The executive committee is comprised of scouters, elected members and leader nominated individuals normally from associated sections or interested individuals and we are again fortunate to a variety of experienced people with a long background with the group and a constant welcome for new members with

Group Scout Leader
Iain Stanley
GSL (2016 - Present)

Started my scouting as a Beaver in Abbots Langley (1st Abbots Langley, 3rd North Watford) where I worked through all age groups finally becoming a Senior Patrol Leader in Scouts and attaining numerous badges including my Chief Scout Award. When Explorers arrived I stayed in the group and was in Abbots own explorer group for 1year until it needed to close due to lack of leaders, this group has now re opened as ABBOS. At this stage i was given the oppourtunity to attend the 20th WSJ in Thailand with 4 more Scouts/Explorers from my District to be part of the 80 sent out by Herts County. I moved to Omega ESU based in Langleybury where they offered me my Gold Expedition and in my short time here i completed my Gold Duke of Edinburgh and also my Queen's Scout Award.

Then came my university Years down in Portsmouth where I helped train Gold Duke of Edinburgh and whenever back in the areas came down and helped run evenings.

After University I had to moved to Oxford for my job and subsqently ran in to my old Explorer leaders on a camp and they scripted me in to be a leader for Shackleton ESU in King Alfred District, Oxford where I managed to complete my Wood Badge in December 2008. After a year in Oxford I moved to Aylesbury and became an Duke of Edinburgh Advisor for both Matrix ESU (also a ESL) and Cerberus Network.

Whilst in Aylesbury I have undertook the job of managing the Admin for the whole of the Network in Buckinghamshire and along wil helping run and organise several events like Endurance 80 and Braidwood Regatta. I have hellped out at County Running many Camps and trips and now decided to take on the role of Group Scout Leader here at the 12th Aylesbury (1st Buckingham Park) in 2016 and start the group from the begining

Eris Robertson
Chairperson (2020 - Present)

I spent my teens as a St John Ambulance cadet, learning together and experiencing life as a group, we had camps and outdoor adventures. Later rising to run the Cadet division and then the adult division in St Albans. I came to scouting late, joining the (as it was then) Venture Scouts (now Explorers) when I was 17, enjoying such events as 40-mile hikes and European navigation events as well as the gruelling “peak assault”. Above all the greatest thing was the family feel of belonging to a group. And now as an adult, volunteering is in my blood, and after a time away and having moved to Aylesbury, I have returned as I know how important it is to our communities and the people involved, especially our young people! Even more so now that I have my own young family. I want them to experience the same adventures and experiences I did. The socialisation, the outdoors, the fun, all of it. That’s why I joined the team here, working together to deliver “skills for life”.

I look forward to meeting you all and welcoming you into the 12th Aylesbury family.

Vicky Beuttler
Secretary (2018 - Present)

I have very fond memories of being a Brownie and a Girl Guide when I was growing up and my husband was a member of the Air Cadets, so we were keen for our children to join the scouting movement. My son joined the Beavers at Aylesbury 12th in 2018 and has recently moved up to the Cub section. It’s really wonderful to see him growing in confidence, making friends, learning new skills and getting the opportunity to try new things that he probably wouldn’t be able if he hadn’t joined. Our 4 year old daughter Amber also can’t wait to join!

I was a Girl Guide until I was well in my teens and I hope that my son and daughter will choose to continue with Scouting for a long time to come. It therefore made sense to me to volunteer, to help support the section that they would be a part of. As well as being in the exec, I also help out on an ad-hoc basis, helping to run sessions for both the beavers and cubs when I can.

Jake Gordon
Treasurer (2018 - Present)
Carys Dorrit
Media Manager (2018 - Present)

Despite a very short lived career as a Brownie (with only two badges to my name) I was keen to support 12th Aylesbury (1st Buckingham Park) Scouts.

I don’t have any practical scouting skills, in fact I can’t put up a tent or tie a Reef Knot. But that hasn’t precluded me from helping. I just help in a different way.

I support with the group with newsletters and marketing. In other words I am able to put my own skills to good use.

There are always ways to help even if you don’t have traditional Scouting skills.

Scouting offers so many wonderful opportunities to young people I am very grateful that my own three children have had the chance to experience its benefits.

Emily Hyland
Emily Hyland
Gift Aid Manager (Sept 2021 - Present)
Cub Scout Leader (April 2016 - Sept 2021)

My journey in scouting is so far a short one. My daughter attended Beavers at Buckingham Park but as the time approached for her to move onto cubs, I volunteered along with my good friends, Kate and Nina to set up a brand new cub pack at Buckingham Park and we haven't looked back. It has been a busy few months as not only a new Cub pack but a brand new Scout group. We have been welcomed into the Aylesbury Scouting Community and have received so many offers of help and support which has been fantastic. We have had the opportunity to visit Brownsea Island (the place where the scouting movement began) and went along to the Cub Centenary Camp in April which was fantastic and gave a real insight into what to expect and has inspired us to provide a varied, exciting programme for our cubs.

Although my scouting experience is short, I have many years working with children and young people as a child minder, working in preschools and currently at the local school. I have a passion for outdoor learning and love to see children have adventures, challenge themselves, learn new skills and grow in confidence.

I'm really looking forward to the growth of 12th Aylesbury and I have high hopes that the group will continue to grow and thrive. For anyone thinking of volunteering I would definitely say go for it! I began this journey a little dubiously, wondering what I had got myself into but I have enjoyed every minute and I'm looking forward to the many adventures ahead!

Courtney Stanley
Badges and Admin (2020 - Present)
District Secretary (Jun 2011 - Oct 2020)
Health and Safety
Laura Oliver
Health and Safety Officer (2020 - Present)
Fundraising Maanger
Marco De Sousa
Fundraising Manager (2021 - Present)
Krispy Mcleash
Quartermaster (2022 - Present)
Copperbeech Designs
Website Manager (2016 - Present)

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