Autumn / Summer 2022
Welcome to Reef Knot. This newsletter is to update you - parents, carers, leaders and supporters - as to what's been going on at 12th Aylesbury Scout Group.
Chair's Chat
Welcome to our newsletter for Summer/Autumn 2022.
I hope you have all had a restful and fun summer and are ready for much more fun as we go into the autumn term.
When it comes to new beginnings, we don’t shy away from a challenge here at the 12th, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our leaders once again on the great work they have done and welcome our new leaders to the fold! And of course, thank Iain Stanley, our GSL (Group Scout Leader) for all his hard work, driving forward with all the plans that have been in the pot for the last few years.
Added to this challenge has been trying to find homes for several of our sections, and with great work from our leader team, some have found a more permanent homes, have a read of Iain’s section below for details.
With a reference to finding a home, I can now let you know that we are in fact in talks with the RSPB, who will be opening a nature reserve to the east of Kingsbrook, Aylesbury. The nature reserve will be 100 hectares of wetlands, wooded areas, wildflower and grassland, with space for activities along with facilities that will mean the RSPB will have a visitors centre with learning centres and exhibition space for the people of Aylesbury and beyond, an exciting prospect. And a great opportunity to see where Scouting might fit in and around that. The reserve is still a way off into the future (2024/25) but keep an ear to the ground to see where we may be able to get involved, and maybe even find a space of our own.
All this brings me to my last point and that is, where can you get involved? Well, projects and ideas need people to run them, to take on tasks that they may be skilled in already (project managing for instance), to bring ideas. And that’s where the executive team get involved, while the leaders are planning their weekly evenings, running trips and camps, the executive take on the task of keeping thins going in the background, be it fundraising, allocating funds raised or looking at where the group can progress and grow (and many more tasks)!
Look below Iain’s section at our “All group vacancies” and see where we would like help and see if you could help, I always say the more there are to spread the work the easier it is to keep things going. So, if like me you don’t have the time to be a weekly leader, drop us a line to see where you could fit in, and help behind the scenes!
Here’s to many more fun packed evenings for our young folk and have a great autumn term!
Eris Roberston
Group Chair
GSL's Gossip
Hi well, it has been a busy time recently and because of this, we have only just gotten around to thinking about our newsletter.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all section leaders old and new (yes we have several additions to our team since the last newsletter).  As always they all do and will be doing an amazing job to enable the youth members to get the best experience possible and develop many new skills.
So what has happened, well after many years in the planning and months in the making we were finally able to open up in Kingsbrook and offer Scouting in the area just before Easter, with Cubs and Scouts launching 1st with around 18 members each and are going from strength to strength. Since then we have been working hard in the background and Beaver will be launching this September with around 24 (full Colony). This is amazing to have such a strong start and the community is very supportive which is great.  They all are looking forward to linking with Buckingham Park and developing great chances for the members with camps and trips and program nights.
This brings me to the Buckingham Park sections which also have been working hard in the background where the Beaver leadership team have been settling as had many changes through the year and now looking at moving forward with many plans and developing their skills. The Cub Leader Team have been managing using the Grange school for a while, however, were a fundamental aspect in securing a home slightly close to Buckingham Park and worked hard to arrange the use of the Community Hall in Watermead.  Whilst the Scouts are opting to try and stay in the same place from week to week and currently will be hosted by Kingsbrook School fdor most of their program.
We are always on the lookout for more keen volunteers to join our leadership team and also the Executive. If you have a skill, interest you think might help or just want to support such an amazing opportunity then please get in contact with us either via the section leaders of direct with the chair or myself details are below.
I am so proud of all the effort the leader go through and the devleopment of the members along the way it is amazing and would like to grow on this dedication they have and support them in any way possible to keep supplying the local area the option of Scouting
Yours in Scouting
Iain Stanley
Group Scout Leader

  Awards Update
Chief Scout Bronze Award

Elan Lee
Danny Bowden
Ollie Cavill
Oscar Eshelby
Chief Scout Silver Award

Baxter Kennedy
Buck Mitchell
Chief Scout Gold Award

Eleanor Christensen
Zoe Kaenzig
Hannah Willington
Chief Scout's 10 years Service Award

Courtney Stanley
Vincent Alcindor

Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Service

Courtney Stanley